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Sun, May 23, 2021

Professional Development Calendar from AK Learns

Looking for statewide professional development opportunities?

Keep track of statewide professional development from the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development and its partners on AKLearns:

See what’s happening!

What is AK Learns?

DEED’s Division of Innovation & Education Excellence has launched this Teaching & Learning Support site to offer information, resources, professional development, and leadership to educators across Alaska.

Links to tools, resources, and publications on this site are for informational purposes only. They do not indicate endorsements of the tools by DEED. Teachers should work with their school leadership to ensure selected tools are appropriate for their individual settings.

If you are an Alaskan teacher and would like to showcase how you use particular tools and resources with your students, please contact Brittnay Bailey

Who is involved?

Right now, none of us can afford to go it alone. During a crisis, top-down leadership does not always engender stability. Collaboration is essential for overcoming the challenges we are facing today. This challenge cannot be overcome by the minds of only a few leaders and organizations. To that end, here are some links to critical partners from around Alaska and the Lower 48 who can support leaders working to create this new infrastructure for remote learning.