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Trauma Engaged Schools – AK Healthy Schools Learning Collaborative

November 2, 2021 @ 3:30 pm

The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development in conjunction with the Association of Alaska School Boards and partners across the state have developed rich resources for schools responding to their students’ exposure to adversity. This session will cover new resources that have been developed.

Milestone guides (online resource): The Transforming Schools Guide offers some steps and a starting point to deepen personal growth, establish a common vision with colleagues and community, and remind each of us that this is a process of preparing, starting, applying, and refining our trauma engaged work. Individuals and teams move through the steps and cycle many times to continue to improve upon and deepen our trauma engaged approach. Seeing the path forward and celebrating successes are key components of effective implementation These Milestone guides offer four levels of section to complete, broken out by role. Each of the 11 components within the framework and toolkit.

 Trauma Engaged “Knowing to Doing” Video Library (online resource) There are over 50 peer-led and statewide experts short videos that are available in the Transforming Schools video library. These are organized by the 11 component areas and are tied to topics in the framework. They are under 10 minutes and are easily accessible for personal review or in a group setting to stimulate discussion.

Social Media Campaign: The Transforming Schools messaging campaign aims to transform schools to be trauma engaged by promoting the use of the Transforming Schools Framework and Toolkit and other trauma engaged resources among school administrators, staff, and community organizations and partners in Alaska.

In three phases, this campaign will encourage school administrators to evaluate their schools and implement trainings on trauma engaged practices, help school staff to integrate practices into everyday activities, and encourage a supportive and informed environment among community organizations. 

The ultimate goal is to promote behavior change among the audiences. This includes the direct behavior change of school administrators and staff making the effort to evaluate their own level of trauma engaged behaviors and to choose to transform their schools to be trauma engaged. The indirect behavior change of the campaign is that audiences will use the Transforming Schools Framework and Toolkit as resources.

November 2, 3:30 -4:30 pm

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