We want to recognize our public school educators for the essential role they play in our students’ lives.

Has a public school educator gone above and beyond for your child, your local school, or someone you know? We want to hear about it. Join us in recognizing the ways in which our 11,000+ member educators across the state have made their mark on Alaska communities with your short stories, notes of gratitude, or simply a virtual tip of the hat! Testimonials and appreciations will be shared upon approval.

Gratitudes can be shared towards teachers, library media specialists, counselors, psychologists, physical and speech therapists, school secretaries, custodians, classroom aides, cafeteria workers, maintenance workers and other support professionals who work in Alaska public schools and facilities.

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NEA-Alaska advocates for an excellent public education for each child in Alaska and advances the interests of 11,000 public school employees statewide.

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Tip of the Hat! Educators with these icons were recognized for being:

Shares new ways to grow and learn

Makes you smile and laugh

Always helps students work it out

A Listener
Trusted and present

Clear instruction ensuring student learning

Other ways they help

Julia Lemmerman

Polaris K-12, Anchorage

Julia works tirelessly to support student learning. She created a 3-week long intensive class and managed to engage and delight 20+ 7th graders into learning pre-algebra all day, everyday! Keeping kids focused in May is no easy task, yet my child was eagerly doing her math work on the 2nd to last day of school. Amazing!

— Susan Gullickson


Kathryn Shaw-Case

Northern lights ABC, Anchorage

Ms. Shaw-Case see’s my son. She has made a valuable impact in my sons life. She has taken time to listen to him and help support him through a difficult year. She believes in him and is helping him believe in himself. She has demonstrated to him that he is worthy. She cares about him as a person, his heart and how he views himself. She has rallied a team of educators at my sons school to support him. She has done what others haven’t and I appreciate her so much.

— Deborah Sigala


Tia Ruff

Polaris K-12, Anchorage

Tia creates a magical learning space for her 4th and 5th grade students; engaging, delighting and challenging them to strive for improvement. Harnessing the wizarding world of the Harry Potter series, she transforms her classroom into a place where students are eager and inspired to learn.

— Susan Gullickson


Marnita Coenraad

Riverbend Elementary School, Juneau

Ms. Coenraad goes above and beyond for her students to ensure impeccable education and equity for all students to succeed.

— Sabrina Javier


Alexander Troll

West High School, Anchorage

Mr. Troll made math fun and interesting. Through engaging lessons and outside sources he kept students engaged and doing more than just crunching numbers. Thanks Mr. Troll!

— Sarah F


Mason Simmers

Denali Montessori, Anchorage

In a classroom that covers three grade levels and includes a very diverse mix of kids, Mr. Mason is always attuned to the needs and challenges of every child. He meets his students where they are, connects with them as individuals and helps them succeed. I appreciate his extraordinary patience and kindness towards his students, and his dedication to making every day a fun and engaging day in his classroom.

— Sarah Lindsey


Theresa Knapp

Barrow High School, Utqiagvik

Theresa Knapp has been teaching at Barrow High School for many years and has been working tirelessly towards the education of our students. She's the most patient teacher in our entire school. She's always willing to sit with students for hours to make sure they get the attention they need. A smile never leaves her face even when she's dealing with the most difficult situations. Endlessly positive, cheerful, and helpful. Every student at our school takes her class so the influence she has had in our academic community is immeasurable.

— Nicholas Evans


Adam Johnson

Romig, Anchorage

Mr. Johnson listened and inspired. He created thoughtful learning that engaged and challenged students. We are so thankful he taught our children.

— Sarah Fineman


Doug Williams

Mears Middle School, Anchorage

Mr. Williams is a dedicated educator who cares about the success of his students. He goes the extra mile to make learning fun and accessible to everyone in his classes. He gets to know students as individuals and finds unique ways to engage them and build their skills and knowledge.

— Heather Beaty


Jess Miller

Begich Middle School, Anchorage

Ms. Miller is a dedicated Speech Language Pathologist who is incredibly attentive to the needs of each student and is passionate about each students development and success. I'm consistently impressed with—and inspired by—her attention to detail and personal investment in her work.

— A. France


Patricia Barker

Polaris K-12, Anchorage

Nurse Patty cares for almost five hundred 5 to 18 year olds, as well as a staff of 30+ adults, with patience and understanding. She has been a steadfast, knowledgeable and supportive educator in a time of fear, misunderstanding, and strife. Ever-patient and calm, she handles everything from runny noses to compound fractures on the playground, from lost teeth to Covid testing, from replacement pants to mental health interventions and so very much more.

— Susan Gullickson


Leah Nelson

Rogers Park Elementary, Anchorage

Thank you for creating an inviting space for our children to learn and thrive! Your dedication to our child’s education has been priceless this year. Every day our son is happy to go to school. This will be a year he will always remember. A million thanks for your commitment to Alaska youth!

— Natasha Price


Mrs. Linda Sheppard

Chugach, Anchorage

Linda your assistance is much appreciated! I know I do and repeat things every time we get together. I appreciate your patience in working with me time after time!

— Tonia Makris


Nicholas Evans

Barrow High School, Utqiagvik

Nicholas Evans constantly goes above and beyond for students, particularly seniors. He pushes them each year to achieve excellence through rigorous coursework and spends a lot of time working one on one with seniors to help ensure they have the credits not only to graduate, but the experience and knowledge they need to succeed in whatever they choose to do after high school. Beyond that, Nicholas also collaborates frequently with other teachers and staff on lessons and best practices to help individual students. He's an exceptional teacher.

— Kelsey Gordon


Sylvia Dente

Inlet View Elementary, Anchorage

Like all of us, Mrs. Dente had no idea what 2020 would bring. But, her quiet confidence and loving firmness helped our daughter's class of 2nd graders make a series of educational transitions gracefully, because of the trust they had in their teacher. Her continued presence in our child's life as the school's librarian is so appreciated- every week we hear a little bit about Mrs. Dente and after 2 years of disruption, that is a beautiful thing. Thank you Mrs. Dente for being an important constant in our child's life!

— Kate Consenstein


Jessica Winn

Polaris K-12, Anchorage

Jess (pictured above!) brings a smile and astounding energy to her classroom every day. She cares for her students well-being, created a safe and welcoming learning space for all, and strives to challenge her students with engaging and interesting projects and labs.

— Susy G