NEA-Alaska PACE Recommendations for 2022 Primary Election

NEA-Alaska’s recommendation process is determined by members who are elected to serve on PACE. The committee reviews candidate questionnaires, interviews, polling data, political history, fundraising performance, and any other information they have access to, to determine alignment with NEA-Alaska’s priorities, and electoral viability. This process allows every member to have a voice and vote in determining the outcome.


Alaska’s Primary Election will take place on August 16th. All primary elections are “pick-one” and the Special Election for US House will be “ranked-choice” voting.
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What Is My District?

NEA-Alaska PACE Recommended Candidates

US Senate

Lisa Murkowski

US House

Mary Peltola

Governor/Lt. Governor

Bill Walker / Heidi Drygas

Les Gara / Jessica Cook

*This is a dual endorsement.

State Senate

Bert Stedman – State Senate A
Jesse Kiehl – State Senate B
Gary Stevens – State Senate C
Jesse Bjorkman – State Senate D
Cathy Giessel – State Senate E
Elvi Gray-Jackson – State Senate G
Matt Claman – State Senate H
Loki Tobin – State Senate I
Bill Wielechowski – State Senate K
Kelly Merrick – State Senate L
Scott Kawasaki – State Senate P
John Bennett – State Senate Q
Click Bishop – State Senate R
Lyman Hoffman – State Senate S

State House

Daniel Ortiz – State House 1
Rebecca Himschoot – State House 2
Andi Story – State House 3
Sara Hannan – State House 4
Louise Stutes – State House 5
Louie Flora – State House 6
Justin Ruffridge – State House 7
David Schaff – State House 9
Caroline Storm – State House 10
Walter Featherly – State House 11
Calvin Schrage – State House 12
Andy Josephson – State House 13
Alyse Galvin – State House 14
Denny Wells – State House 15
Jennie Armstrong – State House 16
Harriet Drummond / Zack Fields – State House 17 (Dual Endorsement)
Cliff Groh – State House 18
Genevieve Mina – State House 19
Andrew Gray – State House 20
Donna Mears – State House 21
Ted Eischeid – State House 22
Maxine Dibert – State House 31
Van Lawrence – State House 32
Grier Hopkins – State House 34
Tim Parker – State House 35
Bryce Edgmon – State House 37
C.J. McCormick – State House 38
Neal Foster – State House 39