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Tell Legislators: Fix our Broken Retirement System

NEA-Alaska has momentum and allies in the legislature to finally get a bill to restore a defined benefit retirement option across the finish line. But, we can't do it without you.
Against a blue background with pine trees, there is the phrase "Restore Our Pension" is in bright, all caps yellow font. Below in white font, it says "Alaska educators hired after 2006 have the least secure retirement system in America. Tell your legislators to fix it today!"

Take Action

Adapt this sample message to tell your story about how our broken retirement system has impacted you, your family, your students, and your school community.

NEA-Alaska has been leading the fight to restore a defined benefit retirement option for all public employees since 2006. Here's why:

  • Alaska's retirement system is broken. A 2019 analysis but the State of Alaska's Chief Investment Officer showed that after a 30-year career in teaching, only 31% of teachers would have sufficient assets to last 30 years into retirement. 

  • Many Alaska public education employees do not receive Social Security meaning that they could become entirely destitute in their retirement. 

  • Alaska has among the worst educator turnover in the country, with 22% turnover for teachers and 25% for principals and superintendents. 

  • High educator turnover costs the State of Alaska up to $20 million dollars per year - according to a 2017 ISER study.

Thank you for taking the time to contact your legislators today.