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K-12 Teachers

NEA-Alaska is proud to represent the dedicated teachers who shape the future of Alaska's youth. Our K-12 teachers work tirelessly to provide quality education and support to students across the state.
Two female teachers collaborate on lesson plans.

Alaska teachers are the dedicated public-school employees on the front line doing everything they can to provide every student with a quality education. K-12 teachers dedicate immense amounts of time inside and outside of the classroom ensuring that students' needs are met, they feel safe and welcomed in their schools, and they have every opportunity to be successful. From large urban school districts like Anchorage to our most remote communities in Alaska, teachers are doing amazing things to connect students with the land, the cultures, and the possibilities that make The Last Frontier an amazing place to learn. 

A teacher's working conditions are also their student's learning conditions, that's why NEA-Alaska offers support to our K-12 members to bargain strong contracts, participate in legislative advocacy in Juneau, and have a voice at the table whenever pay, benefits, and terms of employment are being discussed. As a member you'll receive frequent updates and correspondence from your union about what's happening around the state and how you can get involved.

K-12 certificated members make up the largest portion of NEA-Alaska's membership. Your union can help connect you with cohorts of your peers who share valuable information, grant you access to member-only training, and simply offer you support and guidance as you start your career. Join NEA-Alaska today to be a part of Alaska's largest professional education association.

NEA-Alaska Members pose sitting on concrete stairs.

Reach, teach, and inspire.

Be a part of the largest advocacy group for public schools, students, and educators in Alaska. Becoming a member of our association means you will always have a voice, a seat at the table, and a community of fellow educators to support you.

Reach. Teach. Inspire.

NEA-Alaska advocates for an excellent public education for each child in Alaska and advances the interests of public school employees.