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children sitting on the floor of a library listening to stories

NEA-Alaska Matching Grants

Support Your Local
NEA-Alaska offers three matching grant opportunities to support Local Associations.
Browse these applications and apply today!

2024 Community Outreach Matching Grant

This grant is designed to encourage and assist local associations to initiate or expand their communications efforts to secure community and/or government support for the local association, NEA-Alaska, and public education.
Christian Haich
Teaching is my identity and my passion. Every day, I get to excite students about math, science, or any number of my hobbies and interests. I make connections, and get to make an impact on generations of students. I can't imagine a better career.
Quote by: Christian Haich, Teacher
An education support professional sitting in a classroom in front of a black laptop looks up and to the right of the camera with a smile.

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Whether you're focused on your classroom, community, or capitol, we have tools to help you transform teaching and learning.

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Professional development workshops, leadership trainings, mentorship, and network — NEA-Alaska offers everything you need to succeed in your classroom and career.

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We’re here to help. Our community comes to us seeking tools (guides, reports, trainings, and more) to help answer everyday questions. We’re here to support you in whatever you need.

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NEA-Alaska advocates for an excellent public education for each child in Alaska and advances the interests of public school employees.