Local Associations

Your local association is your first level of support for all of your professional needs. Every local in Alaska has elected leaders who can help you understand your rights and opportunities. Find your local president and NEA-Alaska staff support by utilizing the tool below.

Each Region in Alaska (see map for geographic Region boundaries) has representation on the NEA-Alaska Board of Directors. These are called your Region Directors. You can contact your Region Directors for inquiries related to updates from the NEA-Alaska board of directors.

NEA Regions


Enter your school district name to find contact information for your local representatives.

What is the UniServ Program?

The UniServ program (UniServ is a shortened version of Unified Service) is funded jointly by NEA-Alaska and the National Education Association (NEA). Each year NEA sends state affiliates substantial financial support to assist in employing field staff, known as UniServ Directors, to work directly with local associations. The program exists to expand and secure the rights and interests of members. This includes providing rights and bargaining assistance as well as offering individual and organizational development programs for members and locals.

Organizational development programs available through UniServ Directors help locals develop high-performing boards of directors, building representative systems and committees (such as rights, bargaining, political action and communications). Teaching and learning programs assist members with professional development and growth, including National Board Certification. Other training modules provided include Conflict Resolution, Effective Communications, Systems Thinking, Relational Organizing and Living Wage.

For more information, or to schedule training, contact your local president or UniServ Director.