Welcome to NEA-Alaska

NEA-Alaska, an affiliate of the National Education Association, is a union of 12,000+ public education employees.

Our members are teachers, library media specialists, counselors, psychologists, physical and speech therapists, school secretaries, custodians, classroom aides, cafeteria workers, maintenance workers and other support professionals who work in Alaska public schools and facilities. Our diverse association makes us the strongest advocate in Alaska for an excellent public education for every child.
NEA-Alaska exists to be an advocate for an excellent public education for each child in Alaska and to advance the interests of public school employees.

Our members live and work in nearly every community in Alaska. With 67 local associations, including an active NEA-Alaska Retired local, our collective expertise, regional knowledge, and pedagogical excellence is unmatched by any other entity in the state. NEA-Alaska is member led, meaning all policy decisions are made by elected representatives from within our union and adopted through democratic processes.

Our union strives to uphold the rights of educators, enhance learning opportunities for students, and works to build a better Alaska.

Six Principles for Leading the ESP Profession

Six Principles for Leading the Teaching Profession

Our Mission

NEA-Alaska exists to be an advocate for an excellent public education for each child in Alaska and to advance the interests of public school employees.

Our History

NEA-Alaska was founded in 1922 in Ketchikan, when 73 of the Territory’s teachers formed a new organization “to elevate the character and advance the interests of the profession of teaching and to promote the cause of education in the Territory of Alaska.” Over the following years and decades the organization (first known as the Alaska Education Association) addressed issues such as salaries and retirement and legislation that affected schools and teachers.

In 1945 the association saw a major victory, in the passage of the first Alaska Teachers’ Retirement Act. This original law was amended regularly in subsequent years with improvements that made it more actuarially sound. The coming years marked the organization’s push for collective bargaining to improve salaries and working conditions, and increased involvement in the political process. Effective advocacy in Juneau was a constant, and in 1965 the association established the Political Action Committee for Education (PACE). In the mid-1980s NEA-Alaska was strengthened with the extension of full membership rights to Education Support Professionals, or ESPs

Our Leadership


Board of Directors

Tom Klaameyer
NEA-Alaska President
Segue Grant
NEA-Alaska Vice President
Tammy Smith
NEA Director
Valerie Brooks
Region I Director
Ketchikan EA
Semra Deaner
Region I Director
Juneau EA
Kathy Simpler
Region II Director
Kodiak Borough EA
Winter Marshall-Allen
Region III Director
Kenai Peninsula EA
Alissa Fabian
Region III Director
Kenai Peninsula ESP
Cory Hughes
Region IV Director
Lower Kuskokwim NEA
Corey Shepherd
Region IV Director
Northwest Arctic EA
Coby Haas
Region V Director
Fairbanks Education Association
Laura Capelle
Region V Director
Education Support Staff Assn
Kristen Dullen
Region V Director
Fairbanks EA
Michaela Kolerok
Region VI Director
Anchorage EA
Barb Clark
Region VI Director
Anchorage EA
Marnie Hartill
Region VI Director
Anchorage EA
George Cromer III
Region VI Director
Anchorage EA
Renee Rindone
Region VI Director
Anchorage EA
Rhiana Gay
Region VI Director
Anchorage EA
Corey Aist
Region VI Director
Anchorage EA
Tim Walters
Region VII Director
Mat Su EA
Sherry Shaw
Region VII Director
Mat Su CEA
Rick Morgan
Region VII Director
Mat Su CEA
Vicki Hewitt
Region VII Director
Mat Su EA
Christine Villano
Region R Director
Roxanne Abajian
Region R Director
Judy Salo
Region R Director
Barbara Schneider
ESP At-Large
Craig EA
Mary Parrish
ESP At-Large
Mat Su CEA
Jasmine Adkins-Brown
ESP At-Large
Education Support Staff Assn

Standing Committees

PACE (Political Action Committee on Education)

President: Tom Klaameyer (2022)
Vice President: Segue Grant (2022)
NEA Director: Tammy Smith (2022)

Region I:
Stephen Courtright (2021)
Katherine Pittman (2022)

Region II:
Lindsey Glenn (2022)

Region III:
Jesse Bjorkman (2021)
Mark Fraad (2022)

Region IV:
Jeremy Millard (2022)
Joe Yoder (2021)

Region V:
Maxine Dibert (2021)
Howard Maxwell (2021)
Laura Capelle (2021)

Region VI:
George Cromer, III (2022)
Barbara Clark (2021)
Lara Ajayi (2022)
Christi Sitz (2021)
Jessica Cook (2021)
Joan Pragman (2022)
Jacob Berg (2022)

Region VII:
Jill Showman (2021)
Amanda Johnson (2020)
Richard Morgan (2021)

Region R:
Pamela Lloyd (2021)
Karen Eddy (2021)
Christine Villano (2022)

Executive Director: Glenn Bafia
Staff Liaison: Matthew Moser

Delegate Assembly Steering and Rules

President: Tim Parker

Region I: Semra Deaner, Chair
Region II: Janine Todd
Region III: Mary Jane Hadaway
Region IV: Matthew Conlon
Region V: Kerry Platzke
Region VI: Christi Sitz
Region VII: Mary Parrish
Region R: Donna Williams
Staff Liaison: Susie Smythe

Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee
Karen Dullen
Jessica Iglesias
Jessica Cook
Missouri Smyth
Human Rights and Civil Rights Committee

Region I: Dave Nelson
Region II: TBA
Region III: Winter Marshall-Allen
Region IV: Caroline Wiseman
Region V: Maxine Dibert
Region VI: Ricky Lind
Region VII: TBA
Region R: TBA
Staff Liaison: Joshua Yeh
Board Liaison: George Comer III, Glenn Charlie, Laura Capelle, Michaela Kolerok

NEA-Alaska Staff

Glenn Bafia, Executive Director
Mary Nibbelink, Executive Assistant

Press Contact

 Zac Mannix, Communications Director

UniServ Directors

Val Baffone
Greg D’Aguiar
Hedy Eischeid
Courtney Eyer
Grier Hopkins
Jessica Minguez
Debbie Omstead
Monica Southworth
Dave Theriault
Mike Wenstrup
Joshua Yeh

Business Office

KD Roope, Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer Wright, Membership & Dues Accounting Program Coordinator
Lynn Metcalfe, Accounting Program Coordinator

Associate Staff

Makana Bender
Kimila Cherry
Malina Colon
Kira Kiel
Alex Strickland

Public Affairs

Zac Mannix, Communications Director
Matthew Moser, Government Relations Director
Susie Smythe, Public Affairs Program Coordinator
Laura Bartholomae, Digital Media Program Coordinator
Kristi Baker, Organizing Program Coordinator


Ike Culbertson, Technologist