NEA-Alaska Aspiring Educators

As thousands of educators and education support professionals retire across the country each year, we turn to you, the next generation!

Join 12,000+ NEA-Alaska members and 3.2 million members nationwide and you’ll be connected through a common goal – dedication to students, to families and to communities – before you even graduate and begin teaching. Our Aspiring Educator Program is a valuable resource that provides many great benefits to help you as a student today, as well as tomorrow when you begin your teaching career. Join as a member and enjoy these resources today!

Membership Enrollment

The annual cost of a NEA-Alaska Aspiring Educator membership is $20. You must enroll annually. Online enrollment and credit card payment is available at the link below.

Early Enrollment

If it’s your first time becoming a member of the Student Program and you sign up after April 1st, you can join as an Early Enrollee. You will be an official member for the next school year, but you will begin receiving access to our discount programs and liability coverage for the remainder of the current school year.

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Student Resources

Scholarships & Grants

NEA Aspiring Educator members may apply for an NEA-Retired Jack Kinnaman Memorial Scholarship of $2,500. Up to five scholarships are awarded each year, funded through the generosity of NEA-Retired members. To be considered for this award, aspiring educators must submit an application and several letters of recommendation. The NEA-Retired Intergenerational Committee selects the winners, who are announced at the NEA-Retired Annual meeting. To learn more about the scholarship and apply, click here.

Student Loan Forgiveness

Support in gaining access to student loan forgiveness programs, especially those specifically for teachers.

Liability Coverage

NEA provides $1 million in liability insurance to protect you every time you step in a classroom, including when you do your student teaching.

Professional Development and Networking

NEA-Alaska brings educators to Anchorage annually for weekend conferences to grow professionally and learn from colleagues. You can also connect online through NEA EdCommunities. Enjoy virtual learning events to expand your collaboration opportunities with other educators on NEA EdCommunities and share classroom-ready resources and instruction materials.

Mentorship and Classroom Visits

You will be connected with professional educators within your community to introduce you to your future as an educator. Local educators will open their classrooms to you to learn about classroom management, organization, and to observe lessons.

Member Discounts and Services

As an NEA member, you’ll receive great deals on things like magazine subscriptions, low-interest credit cards, restaurants, vacation deals, and much more. Learn More.


You’ll receive NEA Today, Tomorrow’s Teachers as well as other publications, including NEA-Alaska’s Digital AKtivist and other research that has been developed with, by and for professional educators.

More Support After Graduation

Resume Building

Learn from experts how to put your best foot forward as you search for a job after graduation.

Membership Rebate

As a thank you for being an NEA-Alaska/Student member, you will receive a $20 rebate multiplied by each year you were a student member (up to four years) deducted from your regular NEA membership during your first year as a teacher.

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For more information, contact:

Grier Hopkins
NEA-Alaska Student Program UniServ Director
(907) 456-4435
Hedy Eischeid
NEA-Alaska Student Program UniServ Director
(907) 274-0536

Interested in a Career in Education?

NEA-Alaska represents more than 12,000 Alaskans who work as teachers and education support professionals in public schools across the state. We’d love to help you take steps toward a career as an educator.

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